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Island Hopping In Caramoan - DAY 2

I originally planned on going island hopping for only one day, thinking that the beach at the resort would be enough to fill up my "beach meter." Unfortunately - or maybe fortunately - that was not the case. Also, the resort offered a really good deal for two days of island hopping so I decided to just make the most out of it.

On the second day, we headed out to the southern group of islands. I am GLAD that I decided to go for I discovered my new happy place.
Miles and miles of endless sea and white powdery sand. This island is best visited when the tide is low - they say it looks like a desert. When we got there, the tide was just coming in, so it was perfect for wading! There were some bars of sand left, though, so I still had some fun in the sand.
This is MINE - at least until the water covers it.Thank you, God.Standing on the most beautiful spot on earth.

As with most things, that beautiful moment had to come to an end. We had to leave for the other islands in the area, but everything else seemed to pale in comparison.
Cotivas Island. It was beautiful, but I still wasn't over the first beach.
Still Cotivas.

What do these rock formations remind you of?
If you say dragon cliffs, you have my respect. ;) Can you see the little baby dragons fluttering around? This is the sight that greeted us as we neared Sabitang Laya. It is smaller than the first two islands, but the rock formations made it more fun.These three islands are more than enough reason to go this part of the Philippines. Next time, I shall get up early and spend a whole day just wading and swimming in these islands. How does May sound? Any takers?
Time to go home...sad Numi.
Here's a happy Numi. For those of you who have been calling me raccoon and other silly names, THIS is the reason. It was so bright I decided to keep my nice new sunglasses on the whole time. Now, I got myself looking like a raccoon. Blame the glasses! (If that doesn't make sense, ask anyone who has seen me this week.)

Check back for a short ride up a river and a hike to a cave.


  1. Super like ko yung naka-kneel ka na pic and the rest ng "series" na yun.

  2. Love the beach you are visiting - so cool and I want to go there right now. Glad you are enjoying your trip. Come to Kansas where it is 4 degrees right now. :)

  3. Now I am just jealous! Its snowing and freeeeezing in NJ!

  4. Han: that's my favorite series, too.
    Delaney: those islands are the best. How about YOU come over here? I'll die there!
    Meleah: Keep warm! How are you doing, by the way?

  5. Dragon cliffs, Dyesebel? That's a tough one to see! And I like dragons, too!

  6. Dragon cliffs Dyesebel? Ha ha I'm lost.


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