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Island Hopping In Caramoan - DAY 1

The most beautiful beaches I have ever seen are in Caramoan. I am sure I haven't been to more than a mere fraction of the world's beaches, but the islands we saw in two days of island hopping made everything else in my mind disappear. Just take a look for yourself and you'll understand what I mean.It didn't start out we pulled out of the resort, it started raining. Have you ever tried boating with a raincoat on? It's NOT fun, I tell you. Well, okay, it was a new experience and it was funny after a while.

Lahus (Lahos?) Island. The weather was not cooperating at first.
In the middle of Lahus Island, there is this spot with powdery soft sand.
Rock formations are awesome - even better when the sun came out.
Crash into me, yeah...
I think this is still Lahus Island.
Letting the sea and sand wash away the #%&* of 2009 ;)

Matukad IslandWould you believe I prepared that buko (coconut) myself? Nah, I just borrowed the bolo from our boatman. I had lots of fun with it.
See. I love that bolo. There's a lagoon up there with a ginormous bangus (milkfish). Legend says that this is the guardian of the lagoon and that if someone catches the fish and eats it, bad luck will fall upon him. I wanted to see it - not catch it - but the rocks were too sharp and the climb too steep. I hate my fear of heights!

Pagong (Turtle) Island. I suddenly missed Dexter.

I think I'll try defying gravity...
The most serene spot in Matukad.
Yep, I've named it Numi's Rock.
They say it's a pandan tree. Looks like a pineapple, doesn't it? (Except we know that pineapples don't grow on trees!)

There are two main groups of islands in Caramoan. This first set is in the northern part, and was quite near to our resort. It only took us about 3 hours to go around. There were actually more islands that we wanted to go to, but the December waves proved to be too much. We also went to a couple more islands but I just cannot figure my photos out anymore - too many!

Day 2 of island hopping (down south) up next!


  1. looooove the pics! awesome beaches. I want to go there!

  2. HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA they don't grow on trees. very funny.

  3. wow! I would give ANYTHING to be on a warm beautiful island right now! its 12 degrees in NJ and I am FREEEEZING!

  4. Hi Noemi,
    i'm traveling to the philippines from Canada. I will visit Palawan for 5 days and after i'm planing to go to Caramoan...the question is if there are places to stay near the beach in a town...not a big resort....what about restaurants. Is Naga a big city with good seafood, or is better to go to Cebu...
    Eduardo and Mylie

  5. Hi Mylie,

    I suggest staying near the beach rather than in town. La Playa Resort (this is where I stayed - you can see my other post about that) is good. Gota Village has better accommodations but pricier. There are inns in town but the trip to the beach can be taxing. The food was great in La Playa! Seafood is abundant from March to June so you shouldn't have any problems. As for Cebu, you can check out my trip there ( I prefer Bohol, though. Thanks for dropping by!


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