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Hurt Locker, My Sister's Keeper, and Invictus

This is kinda stupid but I woke up thinking that if only shedding tears equated to shedding pounds, then I would be well on my way to quick weight loss. With the amount of tears that I shed in the past few days, if that wish were true, then I would have lost tons of weight by now!

The reason for the tears? These three movies: Hurt Locker, My Sister's Keeper, and Invictus.

The first movie is about a det expert stationed in Iraq. It is so sad because it highlights the worst in humans. This line from the lead character doesn't help either: "When you grow up, you realize that some things you love aren't that special anymore." Talk about disillusionment!

The second movie is about a family faced with one of the worst problems families could ever face: a young girl with leukemia. Her parents decided to have another child - a genetically engineered one - that would serve as a donor for the older child. The story is set around the time when the "donor child" decided that she wanted to be medically emancipated from her parents. She didn't want to donate to her sister anymore as it was killing her quality of life. Need I say more?

The third is not that sad - it's about how Nelson Mandela united South Africa and how rugby played a huge role in his plans. The thing that made me sad is the realization that I am so apathetic. Well, the fact that I used to play soccer every day and that it has been 15 years since I last played made me depressed, too.

On a lighter note, it's Wednesday and it's payday. Two more days and I shall embrace the weekend!!!


  1. I saw My Sister's Keeper and that was a good movie. But, yes, I does RIP YOUR HEART to shreds!

  2. Why can't we stay away from these kinds of movies? I will NOT watch any of those. Last night, I almost got stuck on Legends of the Fall, which is one of my favorite "make yourself suicidal" movies. It's a good thing I still had enough control to shut down before Samuel died. Haaaaay.

  3. Mel, I think the headache I have now is still from crying too much.

    Vicki, yeah you shouldn't watch it, especially since you have two young kids.


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