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Not everyone is comfortable with change. A good friend kept telling me that last week. I never really understood that idea. While I am a creature of habit, I do long for change every now and then. For one, going through the same old things every single day bores me. I think that only through change can we experience more than what we've been used to.

Change is not always easy. Sometimes, things change just when we don't want them to; THEN, I become fidgety and cranky, especially when the change makes me feel as if I have lost control. I can't sleep (mind on overdrive) and I get dark circles around eyes - who doesn't?

Then again, at the end of it all, we see the effects that change brings. More often than not - at least in my experience - I end up learning new things and find myself even enjoying what the change has brought about.

Change is not easy, but we don't have to make it more painful that it has to be.


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