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My memories of Charlie Chaplin are hazy at best, but this Glee cover of his song will forever be clear in my mind.

Today, I am promising myself to:
  • Focus on the tasks in front of me.
  • Lean on the only One who can give me the peace I need.
  • Not allow external circumstances to throw me off balance.
  • SMILE. I know who I am. At the end of the day, my conscience is CLEAR. No one can take away my self-worth. There IS a light at the end of this tunnel, and when I get there, it will be more than I am expecting.


  1. I love that song and they did a wonderful job. :)

    I have both of the Glee cds and they are great, I highly recommend them.

  2. You are way stronger than I am. ^_^

    And yes when you get there it will be more than we ever dreamed of. Keep on walking and dreaming...

  3. I love that song and THAT show SOO much!


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