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Home TV Shopping

I'm not referring to the TV channel that you end up watching even if you have no intentions of buying anything they are selling. Believe it or not, I am actually considering buying a new TV at the end of the month.

I rarely watch TV. I do use it to watch series and movies every now and then. I also need it for playing Wii games. So any TV would do, right?

The other week, though I was at the mall and saw a huge sale at this appliance store, and they had all sorts of LCD TVs on sale. I am currently choosing between a Samsung HDTV and an LG HDTV. I would get a Sony Bravia if I could but the price is just way out of my range. I don't much about TVs - but I know that whatever I get is going to kick some butt! Oh, and the "free" home entertainment system that comes with some of the models is going to make me oh so happy!!!


  1. I would LOVE to have ANY TV that was a FLAT SCREEN! I'm stuck in the 90's with my giant over-sized televisions!

  2. Ha least you have one. Mine somehow went missing. :p
    I am changing my mind about the flatscreen, though. Too much money - money I can spend on a trip to the beach!


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