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Fearless - NOT Quite

What's your greatest fear?

I remember a time when my answer to this question - without any equivocation - was poverty. I was so scared of being in need to the point that I'd have to depend on someone else totally. I guess I still am. But it is no longer my greatest fear.

There was a point when my answer was something totally different: to lose an entity very important to me, forever. I thought that I wouldn't be able to hack it. And it happened. I lost it. It hasn't been forever, but guess what? I am more than hacking it.

Yeah, I stumble to my knees more often that I would like. I "malfunction" more times than I expect. And yet at the end of the day, I realize that that fear is not that fearsome at all.

Now ask me what my greatest fear is...

It took me a while to start this paragraph. I can't describe the fear. I know it is there somewhere. It's just too complex at the moment.

One thing I do know. Whatever that fear is, it is nothing compared to the power that is available to me (and you). If good things come to an end, then awful things come to an end as well, right?

That's what the beach does to me. :p


  1. The beach and ocean can cure me of just about anything. That's the proof that I really love my Hubby since I am smack dab in the middle of the country, far, far, away from the beach....sigh.....

  2. It IS curing me, D.Told ya, come over. Did you see the pic of me on that guy's shoulders so I could get on the boat? More pics when I get back to the city.

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  4. Mel - it sure can; but only if we let it.
    Happy New Year too, Eric.


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