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Early Light Devotional - In Touch Ministries - Dr. Charles Stanley 2009

I was reading this earlier, and I just knew I had to share it. There are people who need this kind of encouragement - you know who you are. :)

Early Light Devotional - In Touch Ministries - Dr. Charles Stanley 2009

John 16:28-33

Is it possible to be at peace when you have just received a “pink slip”? When your 16-year-old daughter discovers that she is pregnant? When your spouse says, “I don’t want to be married anymore”?

Is it possible to be at peace when you fall into a deep depression? Yes! God’s peace is available no matter how painful and hopeless your situation seems.

Peace is not gained by manipulating circumstances. Sometimes people think that if they could just rearrange their situation a bit, then life would be wonderful. That kind of self-reliance is both foolish and unbiblical. Fixing a problem outside of the Lord’s will might result in temporary calm, but lasting peace will continue to be elusive.

A tranquil heart is the result of trusting the Lord, no matter how messy life gets. Jesus warned that believers would have trouble on this earth, but He has overcome the world. In other words, we can have peace in spite of our trials. Although a storm of trouble rages around a believer, he can travel through it with a sense of serenity because Jesus walks alongside him. Thanks to his relationship with Christ, the believer receives all that he needs to face his trial—including courage, wisdom, guidance, and comfort.

Jesus promised peace for those who trust in Him. Thankfully, He also “delivers” on everything He promises. Our part is to take one day at a time and believe that God will carry us through. Divine peace and everything else that we need will follow our faith.
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