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Christmas Shopping - NOT!

I don't have the guts or patience to brave the streets or the malls these days. Even in our tiny neighborhood, which isn't really that crowded, you will see droves of people shopping from afternoon till late night. I wonder if it's the same in other countries?

Am I being a Scrooge for not having done ANY Christmas shopping? I have a legitimate excuse - I don't have any more cash and I don't want to use my credit card for fear of being a victim of identity theft (especially since I don't really take enough measures to ensure identity theft protection).

Seriously, I am dangerously low on cash; the plastics are useless; and I refuse to go out into the jungle we call the malls. Is it just me???


  1. No it is this way over here. Lots of people buying lots of things they don't have the money for but, hey, that's the American Way :)

    Not us though, just got a bit for close family and told them not to spend much either. We can't afford to do that either.

    Have a great Christmas sweetie especially since you are where it's sunny. We are expecting snow tonight and tomorrow so a White Christmas (which ain't what it is cracked up to be) for us.

    Yippee - Skippee!


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