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Christmas Cleaning

I know it's supposed to be SPRING cleaning, but we don't have spring here and I have more vacation time during Christmas. That's why I am thinking of spending at least one day cleaning out my condo in the next 2 weeks (NO WORK!!!). I do not normally pay attention to all the details and leave things to trusty old Marlene who helps me out with the house stuff.

This year, I plan on having every nook and cranny cleaned. Heck, I'll even have the air conditioner filters washed or something! I will throw away all the stuff that I have accumulated over the years that I don't use or need. I will get new curtains. I will get a new TV. I will have Marlene turn everything upside down just so the house will be sparkling clean.

I can't believe I am excited about this! Aren't you proud of me? ;)


  1. yes, I am proud of you, and it always feels really good to deep clean your house like that. it will be nice for you to start the new year on a fresh note.

  2. You guys have no more work na? Til when? Text me if you guys meet up. I'll go there!

  3. Working till Wednesday, Aves. Whatcha up to?


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