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More On The Numbers

I am still not over the numbers I got from the weighing scale yesterday. No, I am not in any way thin (yet!), but I am SO pepped up by the situation. I have to say that my OB started it all when she got me on some pills to help jump start the weight loss. (It's not phentermine, although I have heard so many good things about this pill.) I stopped after a month or so because the combination of pills made me sick.

I think it's really the combination of the gym and my current food intake that is making this whole thing work. The great thing is that I do not feel as if I am punishing myself or that I am depriving myself. I actually look forward to going down to the gym every day, and if I miss it, I don't feel right! Music helps a lot - I think this is for another post; there is just too much to say about it!

Anyhow, I am feeling much much better these days. I hope I don't crash. :p


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