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Long Sunday Ahead

I love Sleepasil. It really works. No fail - within 30 or so minutes of taking two capsules, I am out of it. However, it doesn't seem to keep me asleep for long. All week, I would wake up around 4 or 5 am for no reason at all. Last night, it was worse. I kept waking up every hour or so - I finally gave up at 5 am and just got out of bed.

I was planning on getting a lot of things done today, but it looks like I'll have more time on my hands than I expected. At least I can get more writing done before I go to church in the afternoon. Maybe I'll go around the mall and look at beds, tables, kitchen stuff, clothes - heck, even auto accessories! Anything to keep me busy till it's time to go to sleep again.

I NEED my sleep!!! I hope that coffee will get me through the whole day and that I don't end up wasting half of my Sunday nodding off on the couch...


  1. Isn't it the best? :D Yeah, I used to wake up at around that time too for like the first week. The thing with Sleepasil kasi is that it's really a product to help jet lag by regulating your sleep cycle. It's not a drug that knocks you out for a solid 8 hours and then you feel sleepy pa after. It's not like that. When your body gets used to being asleep at that time, you tend to sleep longer and longer until you sleep through the night. I started with 2 capsules a night but I ended up only needing 1.

    Oh and I've tried taking 1 earlier at night then the 2nd when I would wake up at 4 or 5 - didn't work. If you don't go to sleep when it makes you feel sleepy, then it wears off after a bit and it's hard to go to sleep na. So go when you feel drowsy and turn off Facebook. :)

    Now I take it whenever I need to sleep early and I love it!

  2. Now how did I know I'd get an explanation this long? :P

  3. because you love me and my verbosity! :D

    (verbosity? verboseness? inability to be concise?)


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