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Busy Bee

I have always been a busy bee, but this past week tops them all. I decided to list down the things I need to deal with - I love lists by the way:

1. Deadlines last week - yay I met them!
2. Deadlier deadline on Tuesday.
3. Writing deadlines on Monday.
4. Cleaning my condo. It is such a MESS.
5. Getting things ready for my New Year's trip.
6. Going to the gym everyday (I can't!)
7. Managing my finances (FAIL)

And that's only the tip of the ice berg! I just think to myself that at least I don't need to deal with more complicated stuff such as insurance for the condo (it's the owner that does that I think). Just imagine if I lived somewhere else and I had to deal with motorhome insurance for example!

Today, I will focus on number 3 and get myself ready for the Mexican-themed Thanksgiving party we're having tomorrow at a friend's house. No, we don't celebrate Thanksgiving in the Philippines, but any excuse to get together and have some fun, huh?


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