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Yesterday was my first day back at work (been gone for a month), and I have to say that I had FUN! Yeah, I had tons to do - I still have 700 e-mails to deal with, but I loved the fact that I had so much on my plate that I didn't have time to think of anything else.

I am also planning my "annual" New Year's trip - it's about a month away! First choice: Gota Village in Caramoan. This is where the French Survivor was held. Isn't that just beautiful?

If that doesn't work out, then second choice is Siquijor. Their pool has a bar in the middle!

One place I've really been wanting to visit is Hawaii, but the price of hawaii hotels would probably kill me! Maybe next year?

In any case, my head's spinning with excitement...


  1. Love, love, love the beach, don't care where it is located and those pics look wonderful! Let's go!

  2. Let me know the plans, ha? Hopefully I'll be able to join you guys...

  3. Yay... Sakto. Got you a beach top from Boracay. Blue and green shades with a cute fish sa front. Tapos may tassles sa baba. Ang akin orange. Hehe.


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