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Random Typhoon Thoughts

Growing up in the Philippines means that you get used to typhoons passing through your location year in and year out. Some are worse than the others, but the really bad ones come only once every few years. I can still remember the bad ones as clear as day - there aren't that many wherein I was directly affected; I am fortunate in that respect.

This past week has got me thinking about nature, blessings, problems, and all sorts of things. Everyone knows what happened to the Philippines after typhoon Ondoy hit us. Hundreds of dead people, countless more left homeless, and even more lost most everything they've got.

It got me thinking (as it has every other Filipino, I am sure): so many of our concerns are so trivial compared to these kinds of things: wanting a new gadget, where to go on vacation next, how to get rid of acne, what to do on the weekend, etc. These things are nothing!

Just this afternoon, my parents dropped off several boxes and sacks of clothes, food, and household implements for Marlene, our helper. She lives in Marikina, the hardest hit place in the metro, and her family lost all they owned. Our neighbors and friends in Laguna were not really affected and they all gave what they could to help out. This is the best donation, for me:

How so? My little brother Silas bought these with his pocket money. Isn't that just sweet? I am so proud of him!


  1. Aren't you proud of him? Maybe he'll grow up to be so much better than I am, and finally do our parents proud!


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