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PCOS Update: Getting Better?

Things seem to be looking up - at least on the PCOS side. You know how this condition has been bothering me for the longest time, the past 2 years being the worst. Well, out of the blue, I got my period last Saturday! And mind you, it is a REAL one! :p

I think that my doc's treatment is finally working, and even if I haven't been going to the gym (which I am supposed to be doing), the weight loss pills, the hormone pills, and all that stuff seem to have taken effect. Now if only this will become a regular thing...


  1. Congratulations - i know how that feels! keep up the healthy lifestyle!

  2. Thanks! As for the healthy lifestyle...getting there :)

  3. My OB just switched me to a new pill, called Yaz. (I used to be on Yasmin and no, they sound alike but are not the same thing) Anyhoo, you know my OC-ness. I decided to read about Yaz online and found this PCOS board posting:

    Noticed that
    is all about PCOS so thought I'd share it in case it helps.

    See ya!


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