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Monday Pick-me-upper: Best Turkey Stuffing Recipe

All this talk about Thanksgiving...I found a recipe for stuffing a turkey.


º 5 C. Bread Crumbs
º 1 C. Chopped Onion
º 112 C. Popcorn (Unpopped)
º 1/4 C. Parsley
º 3 C. Giblet broth
º 1-1/2 teaspoon Sage

Mixing Instructions:

1. Chop giblets fine. Mix all ingredients in broth.

2. Stuff turkey loosely. Bake slowly at 350º approximate

3. 5 hours or until popcorn blows the turkey's ass off.

Think it will work?


  1. I love bread stuffing!!!! Never tried it with the popcorn though. Let me know how it works out!

  2. Ha ha...not gonna try it. It was supposed to be a joke ;p


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