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Bundles of Joy

Today is the last day of class, and I decided to go to Tiendisitas to pass some time. I found myself loitering at the Pet Village. The puppies were so cute and the vendors were more than happy to help me figure out what dog is best for my tiny condo. It's not that I am getting one now - I am just thinking about it. I wanted a pug, but I didn't see one. I did play with some really cute puppies though.

A baby shitzu (spelling?) - it was so cute but these little things need a lot of grooming when they grow up.

Baby Chow Chows. So cuddly! I am worried about the shedding, though.

I think these are Chow Chows too. The brown one wanted to come home with me!

This baby stole my heart. I think that if I get a dog, I will get a toy poodle. I played with a couple of them, and they were just so sweet! The vendors said that toy poodles are perfect for a condo and that they are low maintenance and don't shed. The only downside - the price!

Since I do not have any money right now, I ended up going home with the one pet that has always made me feel good:

A Siamese fighting fish! This one's a red crown tail, and is so beautiful when it flares. The pictures suck - will get better ones tomorrow - and I think the tank's leaking. :(

Anyhow, he's enjoying his new home, even though I have not named him yet. Any suggestions?

And yeah, I know, I seem to be all over the place these days. You might be thinking, what's next, hotel reservation new york??? I wish!!!

Seriously, these days are turbulent for me, but I am rediscovering so many passions and pleasures that have lain dormant for quite some time. And I am excited to unearth more in the coming weeks!


  1. He's having fun and always "looks" at me. I think he loves me, lol. His name's ROF, btw.

  2. What I've learned from all the deciding what pets to get over the years and from the ones we actually did get:

    pugs - you'll need to clean out each fold in the skin with a q-tip

    poodles - noisy. They yap a lot.

    Shih Tzu (or however you spell it) - sweetie-pies

    Chow-chows - are Chinese winter dogs. The poor things will melt unless you keep them in an airconditioned room!

    Myself, I'd choose (I know you won't go for a cat) a yorkie. They're darling!


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