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Silas's 9th Birthday

Another belated post...We celebrated Silas's 9th birthday on the weekend after August 14 (the actual birthday). He requested Pizza Hut, so that's where we went. I think he had fun, and he got a scooter for his birthday. I'm just glad he got all that he wanted for his special day. Belated Happy Birthday, bunso!
Daddy, Sam, and Silas
Mommy, Silas, and Hannah
Silas showing off his doughnuts
Yep, that's his name.
Ice cream courtesy of Pizza Hut. He seemed happily embarrassed because of the attention.


  1. Ice cream at Pizza Hut?!? Man, we don't get that here...bummer.

    Oh, Happy Birthday Silas - looks like everyone had a great time.

    Sorry about that, got wrapped up in the fact we don't get ice cream at PH.

  2. @Nikki-thanks!
    @Delaney-ha ha, yeah, fast food chains here serve all sorts of things! How about spaghetti at McDonald's?


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