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Shopwise In Eastwood

I remember when I first heard of Shopwise. I was working and living in Makati then, and a colleague kept talking about doing her groceries in Shopwise. I thought she was talking about a small store like 711 or Ministop. Then I found out that it was much nearer my place than SM Supermarket, and that it had a decent stock of goods. When I finally got my butt over there, I was surprised to see that it was an "actual" supermarket! Anyhow, I have been doing most of my grocery shopping at Shopwise since then. (Even now that we have moved, we still go to Shopwise, which is nearer than SM Hypermart.)

Anyhow, my friends and I have been talking about how there is one thing lacking in our neighborhood - a grocery store. Oh, we have 711s and Ministops at practically every corner, but you'd have to go out of the enclave (for lack of a better word) and walk along the main road (inhaling all that nice black smoke from the cars) for about 10 minutes. Then it's hell getting a cab back home (of course you can't carry all those bags with you!).

With all these residential buildings in here, it's almost inconceivable that there is no grocery store!

Then about a month ago, they started tearing down this huge building in front of my office building. The noise of the jackhammer was incessant - even my earphones wouldn't block the noise out. We were all ready to jump out of our window just to make the noise stop. The place looks like a war zone, and you need to wear safety products if you walk anywhere near the area.

And then we found out that they are building a Shopwise!!!

Now let's just hope that the news isn't a hoax...


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