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Of Flies and Rackets

I got me a racket!!!

Nope, it's not for badminton. It's not for tennis either. Can you figure out what this cute little racket is for?

You see, for some reason, we get tons of flies up here in the condo. For the life of me, I can't figure out how they got here - they were here when we first moved in. Can flies fly up to the 27th floor?

For months, we suffered. Then I saw this maintenance guy at the Eastwood Mall while eating lunch at Cyma. He was waving this cute little racket around and every now and then, I would hear a ZAP!

You know those rectangular bug zappers they have at some restaurants? Apparently, some smart Chinese guy created a handy version - the very racket you see on the right. It took us a while to find one. The guy said they bought it at a supermarket so we tried Shopwise and Hypermart - to no avail. We finally found one last weekend at ACE Hardware - and I have been swinging away happily ever since!

You'd think the flies would learn, but no, they are as stubborn as they always are. They keep coming in and flying around, only to meet their maker when they fly right into my nifty little zapper. Mwahahaha...


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