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Gallstones Found

After five days of being on a fat-free diet, I am finally allowed to eat "normal" food! In fact, I am getting ready to feast on some English muffins slathered with butter (the light kind, though).

I haven't had the official reading from the doctor but what the ultrasound person told me is that I have a huge gallstone. She even said that I have to have it taken out. Then again, I looked it up, and found out that most people who have gallstones have "silent" ones, meaning they don't really bother you. I think I am one of those - I don't feel any pain whatsoever or any of the symptoms:
* Attacks may occur every few days, weeks, or months; they may even be separated by years.

* The pain usually starts within 30 minutes after a fatty or greasy meal.

* The pain is usually severe, dull, and constant, and can last from one to five hours.

* It may radiate to the right shoulder or back.

* It occurs frequently at night and may awaken the person from sleep.

* The pain may make the person want to move around to seek relief, but many patients prefer to lay still and wait for the attack to subside.
So what might have caused this condition? I am glad that it really is NOT diet - the link between these two has not been established, but take a look at this:
# female gender,

# being overweight,

# losing a lot of weight quickly on a "crash" or starvation diet, or

# taking certain medications such as birth control pills or cholesterol-lowering drugs
Four out of four...although the third one occurred 5 or 6 years ago...

So now I have two things to "worry" about - that hepatic mass thingy on my liver and the gallstone. I will not think about it until I get to talk to the doctor tomorrow. Tonight, I am going to enjoy a nice bulalo (beef shank soup) dinner with friends after work.

To be honest, though, I kinda enjoy this low fat diet thing. We went to the supermarket yesterday and you might find it hard to believe but I bought only a handful of meat and went home with tons of fish and fruits! Maybe I'll keep it up.


  1. You poor thing. It's hard without fat. I stopped eating fattening foods a few years ago. I don't even know why...I can at least give this bit of encouragement--at some point, you get used to it and don't want to change back!

  2. I hope you hear good news at the doctor's visit but be careful the gallstone could cause symptoms at any point. Sorry to hear you have been having problems. Enjoy your dinner :0)

  3. Its very hard to live on a completely FAT FREE diet, but maybe you should stick with cutting back as it will make you feel so much better!

    and I hope you hear good news at the doctor's visit!!!

  4. Thanks for the support guys! I haven't been to the doc - too much work at the office, I haven't had the time to step out. :(
    I am sure everything will be okay. :)


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