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What Bugs You

It's another holiday, and I am looking forward to a whole day at home again! I had plans - lotsa plans - for today but after taking stock of my situation, the plans have to be put aside. So instead, I am going to spend the day writing and relaxing.

To start the day off, I decided to write a post but I couldn't really think of anything to right...then this document from our resources at work came to mind. Why, I don't know exactly. Maybe it's because the last thing I did yesterday was to give a training session, and I enjoyed it a lot.

So anyway, the document is called What Bugs You. It has about 10 sentences which the learner has to complete, all of which are different ways of saying "It bugs me." Here's my list.

It bugs me when...someone gets mad at me for no reason, or for some reason I do not understand. It bugs me even more when he does not talk to you and tell what the problem is.

It gets on my nerves when...the barcode scanner at the market goes bonkers and the cashier tries 10 times, only to resort to manual inputting anyway. Waste of time!

It makes my blood boil when...people act like b*tches or a**holes just because they can, and bully people around just because they can. Let's see how they fare if I sic Chuck Norris on them!

Okay, not a very happy start for the weekend...I think I'll stop here. What bugs you?

Funny pic to offset the above...


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