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Thursday Blues

I have the blues. It started yesterday, for no apparent reason. I should have had a great day at home because it was a holiday but for some reason, I just felt restless.

Maybe it's because I didn't get much writing done. Maybe it's because my wireless connection keeps dropping. I think it's the WLAN driver on Koryu but it could be that my Linksys router is acting up. It could also be my Internet connection (but no problems with the hardwired PC, so I don't know about that). Maybe it's because I have to travel down south (at least an hour each way) today when I do not want to go out of the house....


  1. Hey, you should have visited good ol Sarmiento and me. :-)

  2. ...take out Sarmiento...which sounds right, ME or I? He he...

  3. I've been to Georgia and California (i haven't really) but I've never been to me. :-)


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