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Nephro... what?

I went to my OB for a routine visit on Tuesday, and we didn't really get anywhere. First, she took a look at the results of my second urinalysis and she was a bit worried. Apparently the level of red blood cells was too high for her. So she referred me to a nephrologist.

You know me, I immediately looked it up...nephrologist: a kidney doctor.

So I went to see him today, and he wrote these things down on my chart:


Thank God for the free web directory I discovered - I got the information I needed. Urolithiasis is the fancy word for kidney stone while g
lomerulonephritis is something about blood vessels in the kidney being inflamed.

I am not really worried as I am not feeling bad at all - at least in terms of my kidney and making water. I did have another urinalysis done and I am scheduled for an ultrasound on Saturday, so I will know for sure next week. I really hope that nothing is wrong - I love my salt!!!


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