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Goodbye Long Weekend and a Wish List

Last week was great for many working Filipinos as it provided much needed respite from the job. We had a holiday on Wednesday and another one on Friday. Many people took Thursday off as well - I would have if I could! In any case, I still enjoyed the days off.

Now it's Sunday again and I am saying bye to the long least I was able to stay at home and relax a bit. It got me thinking about things I wish I could have (but I know I won't have in the near future). My wish list (humor me):
  • walk in tubs in the bathroom. This is practically impossible for me right now, not only because of the cost but because a walk in tub would be bigger than our bathroom!
  • a nice four poster bed. Don't laugh, but we've been sleeping on a futon (euphemism for mattress on the floor!) for the past 2 years. We just thought that buying a frame was such a hassle. Now I want one. Problem: what I want will probably be too big for the elevator, like the couch we wanted.
  • one of those chairs which massage you. I'd probably save tons on massage services!
  • a real oven. I have always wanted one, but either we have no space or no money to get one.
That's it for now. What's your wish list?

(Notice anything? I think I am nesting again...back to work tomorrow!)


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