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Elephants In Your Living Room

Don't you just love figuring out English expressions? I don't really do this on a daily basis - only when a question comes up at work or when a questions pops into my mind out of nowhere (I do have a life sometimes :p).

Today, I stumbled upon a web site called Wise Geek. I love how they provide information on the origins of various idioms and expressions. Before I knew it, I had been browsing the site for hours.

I found "elephants in your living room" particularly interesting. We all know what it means - a problem or an issue that is quite sensitive so much so that no one really wants to deal with it outright. It sucks that there was no info on how it came about, but it just got me thinking about the elephants that people have in their living rooms....the elephants in MY living room...

Don't you wish that dealing with these elephants were as easy as having to make toast? Or maybe as easy as enjoying a long weekend! Heck, my in-laws can probably sell motorhomes faster and easier than me having to deal with all these elephants. By the way, I wonder if they are African or Asian elephants...? ;)


  1. Similar idiom here is "ignoring the 800lb gorilla in the room" which people do a lot :0)


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