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Destiny Cable Internet Good So Far

FINALLY. After waiting for 4 months, I now have wired connection at home. The admin people in the building told us that some tenants have moved out, leaving open ports. I guess we have been bugging them long enough that they put us on the priority list.

Today, the Destiny Internet guys came over to hook us up, and boy, am I glad! Not that I had any real problems with Sun, but the wireless thing just didn't cut it. Nothing beats having wired (stable) connection.

My only beef is that the techs wouldn't help with the router set up - AT ALL. Lucky for me, a good Samaritan helped me out and I was able to configure my wireless router so that I can enjoy the Koryu on the couch (yeah, 3 meters away from the modem). First 12 hours good so far...speed test results below from
Pretty good, yes?


  1. Thanks for the information about the desitiny cable friend using this cable internet and check the internet speed in the site fast.From this article I got the more information about that internet.

  2. hi i've been having trouble trying to contact destiny for application. can i apply online or is there a number to call? btw, how is your service so far?

  3. Hi Chesca, yeah it can be hard to get in touch with them. I applied via our building admin. The service is okay - it could be faster. Customer service is erratic. Unfortunately, I have no other options as they have the area locked down. I suggest you get Globe as I didn't have many issues with them when I was using them.

  4. I am glad I visited here..I am using the destiny internet cable and I am very much satisfied..Its reliable, cheap and more over the speed is good..I have switched from PLDT DSL as it was working so slow and service was going worst..


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