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Birthday Month

Yep, that's August for me. The first two days are always reserved for my sister and my mom. Mid-August brings little brother's birthday. And scattered all throughout the month are countless birthdays of good friends and other close relatives. It is a very busy month for the birthday fairy (if there is such a thing).

We celebrated the birthdays of my sister and mom last weekend. It was a simple lunch but we had a good time.

Next up, Silas' birthday. I haven't gotten him a gift - first he wanted a skateboard, now it's a scooter. I am having a bit of a hard time finding one - the only toy store in the mall next door only carries skateboards - but at least he doesn't want something expensive like an XBox (not that I'd get him one; a PSP maybe but not an Xbox!).

Anyway, pictures of the little boys...
Dead tired after playing with Kuya Silas and Jeje (that's what he calls Jerry now) all afternoon.


  1. Looks like a great time was had by all and sleepy kids means they had a lot of fun. How was Jerry after all that? Sleepy like the boys? :0)

  2. I actually do not remember, but I think you may be right.


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