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Audacious Goals

I have never thought of myself as being ambitious. I think that in some people's eyes, this is a big flaw. I have simple dreams and wishes. I guess in a nutshell, I just want to be happy. Of course, if you go into the nitty gritty details, that would include:
  • a job that I enjoy and pays well (and I have to say I have it right now - at least to a certain degree)
  • a husband who loves and supports me (in more ways than one)
  • being able to help my family
  • being debt free
Pretty short list, huh?

Anyhow, I have been probing and poking around lately, looking at my options and seeing where I could go next, what I could do next. I really do not like writing specific details on here as practically anyone can read what I write, but let's just say that this is part of the whole "change" thing that I am working at.

I might very well be on my way to a BIG change, with people who are "helping people achieve their most audacious life goals." I never thought about my goals as being audacious but now that I think about it, this one just might be. Again, please pray for me!


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