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Time For A Healthy Lifestyle?

Living a healthy lifestyle is the in thing these days. Theoretically, I totally understand and agree with these principles. My problem is in the execution. While I do not really see my lifestyle as "bad," I know that there are a lot of areas which I can work on. Now why am I suddenly in this healthy mode? You know I have been seeing the OB regularly for my PCOS and that she had me see a nephrologist. I had my ultrasound done today, to check on my kidneys and according to the person who did the ultrasound, there is a spot or a mass in the right lobe of my liver. Since she was supposed to check on the kidneys only, she didn't record the image of my liver but was insistent about me asking my doctor to request a liver ultrasound. I don't drink much alcohol, I really don't. I can even live without it! Now it may be nothing but that med tech was quite concerned, and I couldn't help but feel the same. I guess I have to mention this to the doctor when I com

Nephro... what?

I went to my OB for a routine visit on Tuesday, and we didn't really get anywhere. First, she took a look at the results of my second urinalysis and she was a bit worried. Apparently the level of red blood cells was too high for her. So she referred me to a nephrologist. You know me, I immediately looked it up...nephrologist: a kidney doctor. So I went to see him today, and he wrote these things down on my chart: Urolithiasis Glomerulonephritis Thank God for the free web directory I discovered - I got the information I needed. Urolithiasis is the fancy word for kidney stone while g lomerulonephritis is something about blood vessels in the kidney being inflamed. I am not really worried as I am not feeling bad at all - at least in terms of my kidney and making water. I did have another urinalysis done and I am scheduled for an ultrasound on Saturday, so I will know for sure next week. I really hope that nothing is wrong - I love my salt!!!

Too Much To Do, Too Little Time

This phrase is one that is overused, I think. Then again, when you are actually in a situation that calls for the phrase, you do not think about it being overused or not. I had a great day today, but I am really starting to get overwhelmed. I am making some headway regarding the paperwork for my board exam. I still have a couple of documents to get, though. It's a good thing I started early. Now I am starting to think about the finances this whole thing. Getting the paperwork done is not cheap! I didn't really think about this and sadly, I don't have much in terms of savings. This, plus the fact that I will be on UNPAID leave for a month or so starting October is starting to weigh heavily on my mind! Then I found out that the tires of our truck need replacing - apparently the treads are already showing. Unfortunately, this is something that you can't really put off. It's not as if it were just custom headlights or some other cool thing. Then there&#

Where'd All This Stuff Come From?

I never really realize how much of a pack rat I am until I need something and I have to go through tons of moving boxes to find it. Our condo is perhaps the smallest we've had since we got married, and it seems to me that we have more boxes than we've ever had - there simply is no space for all our things! Last night, for some reason, I was unable to get any sleep. Oh I am sure I dozed off for a bit, but I was awake by 6am, and trying to go back to lala land just made me frustrated. So I got up and tried to get some work done. I remembered that I needed this receipt for some papers that I need to get (you can't imagine just how much paperwork is required to take the board exam!) so I started digging around. That's when I realized we have been keeping things that should have been thrown out ages ago. Take a look: Tons of receipts - electricity bills, LPG delivery receipts, rent receipts - all from 3 years ago! Empty bottles of liquor - can't throw this away,

Thoughts On Turning 60

No, I am NOT turning 60; at least not in the next 30 years. It's actually my mom who turned 60, and my dad will follow suit next year. I just didn't get much quality sleep last night, and for some reason, I woke up thinking about age. We humans put great stock in birthdays. There are certain years which we consider as milestones in our lives. Turning 1, turning 7, turning 16, 18, 30, 60... I never really thought about it before, by I wonder what my mom was thinking earlier this month when she turned 60? She has been through a lot in her life, more than her share, I think. She had to raise two willful daughters, put them through college. She had to deal with a husband who always had the brightest ideas but was too kindhearted to actually make it big. A couple of years ago, a cataract operation went bad, and she went blind in one eye. At least she got a break when she was approved for social security disability ; although that isn't much, at least she had a little

Monday Pick Me Upper: How Fights Start

Ever wonder how fights start? To all married people out there, here is something to make you chuckle, or maybe even have a good laugh, on a Monday morning. My wife was hinting about what she wanted for our upcoming anniversary. She said, 'I want something shiny that goes from 0 to 150 in about 3 seconds.' I bought her a weighing scale. And then the fight started... Well how about I sell the TV and put that weighing scale on mounts instead? Would that be a nice anniversary present? My wife and I were sitting at a table at my high school reunion, and I kept staring at a drunken lady swigging her drink as she sat alone at a nearby table. My wife asked, 'Do you know her?' 'Yes,' I sighed, 'She's my old girlfriend. I understand she took to drinking right after we split up those many years ago, and I hear she hasn't been sober since.' 'My God!' says my wife, 'who would think a person could go on celebrating that long?' And

Goodbye Long Weekend and a Wish List

Last week was great for many working Filipinos as it provided much needed respite from the job. We had a holiday on Wednesday and another one on Friday. Many people took Thursday off as well - I would have if I could! In any case, I still enjoyed the days off. Now it's Sunday again and I am saying bye to the long least I was able to stay at home and relax a bit. It got me thinking about things I wish I could have (but I know I won't have in the near future). My wish list (humor me): walk in tubs in the bathroom. This is practically impossible for me right now, not only because of the cost but because a walk in tub would be bigger than our bathroom! a nice four poster bed. Don't laugh, but we've been sleeping on a futon (euphemism for mattress on the floor!) for the past 2 years. We just thought that buying a frame was such a hassle. Now I want one. Problem: what I want will probably be too big for the elevator, like the couch we wanted. one of t

Elephants In Your Living Room

Don't you just love figuring out English expressions? I don't really do this on a daily basis - only when a question comes up at work or when a questions pops into my mind out of nowhere (I do have a life sometimes :p). Today, I stumbled upon a web site called Wise Geek . I love how they provide information on the origins of various idioms and expressions. Before I knew it, I had been browsing the site for hours. I found " elephants in your living room " particularly interesting. We all know what it means - a problem or an issue that is quite sensitive so much so that no one really wants to deal with it outright . It sucks that there was no info on how it came about, but it just got me thinking about the elephants that people have in their living rooms....the elephants in MY living room... Don't you wish that dealing with these elephants were as easy as having to make toast? Or maybe as easy as enjoying a long weekend! Heck, my in-laws can probably se

What Bugs You

It's another holiday, and I am looking forward to a whole day at home again! I had plans - lotsa plans - for today but after taking stock of my situation, the plans have to be put aside. So instead, I am going to spend the day writing and relaxing. To start the day off, I decided to write a post but I couldn't really think of anything to right...then this document from our resources at work came to mind. Why, I don't know exactly. Maybe it's because the last thing I did yesterday was to give a training session, and I enjoyed it a lot. So anyway, the document is called What Bugs You. It has about 10 sentences which the learner has to complete, all of which are different ways of saying "It bugs me." Here's my list. It bugs me when...someone gets mad at me for no reason , or for some reason I do not understand. It bugs me even more when he does not talk to you and tell what the problem is. It gets on my nerves when...the barcode scanner at the mar

Thursday Blues

I have the blues. It started yesterday, for no apparent reason. I should have had a great day at home because it was a holiday but for some reason, I just felt restless. Maybe it's because I didn't get much writing done. Maybe it's because my wireless connection keeps dropping. I think it's the WLAN driver on Koryu but it could be that my Linksys router is acting up. It could also be my Internet connection (but no problems with the hardwired PC, so I don't know about that). Maybe it's because I have to travel down south (at least an hour each way) today when I do not want to go out of the house....

Destiny Cable Internet Good So Far

FINALLY. After waiting for 4 months, I now have wired connection at home. The admin people in the building told us that some tenants have moved out, leaving open ports. I guess we have been bugging them long enough that they put us on the priority list. Today, the Destiny Internet guys came over to hook us up, and boy, am I glad! Not that I had any real problems with Sun, but the wireless thing just didn't cut it. Nothing beats having wired (stable) connection. My only beef is that the techs wouldn't help with the router set up - AT ALL. Lucky for me, a good Samaritan helped me out and I was able to configure my wireless router so that I can enjoy the Koryu on the couch (yeah, 3 meters away from the modem). First 12 hours good so far...speed test results below from Pretty good, yes?

My Shop Around The Corner

Ever seen the movie "You've Got Mail?" That is one of my favorite movies, largely due to Meg Ryan's Shop Around The Corner. Ever since I saw that movie, I have had the desire to have my own Shop Around The Corner. Unfortunately, not all dreams come true just like that. Here I am, 10 years later, and still dreaming of that little bookstore. More than owning a little bookstore, I want to become a children's librarian. Most of the people who hear about this laugh or scoff at me. I am quite used to comments like "Isn't a librarian just a person who sits behind the desk and lends out books?" Maybe. Then again, there is so much more to being a librarian than loaning books. Anyhow, you might not know it but librarianship was my major in university. Since I got a job in another field (teaching English!) while I was still working on my thesis, however, I had not had a chance to practice my profession. Now that I hit the big 3-0, I am thinking it&#

When Men and Women Argue

Here is something to cheer you up on a Friday - not that you would need much cheering up on the weekend! Thanks to Franky , I discovered a (scientific?) flowchart of how the brains of men and women work differently during an argument. The original pictures come from Maxim . Bottom line? Men, spare yourself (and your partner) the hassle. When an argument starts, just APOLOGIZE. Be nice and sweet, and do what is being asked of you.

When A Door Closes...

...a window opens, or so they say. I thought for sure that this door was opening up a whole new world for me. However, I just got word a few minutes ago that that door is not opening up anything. On the one hand, I am a bit disappointed. After all, I really wanted to go down that road. On the other hand, I also know that there is nothing I can do about it. As I have been telling myself, if it is meant to be, then it will happen. I guess it is not what I am meant to do. Now off to the next audacious goal. Can't wait for October!

Alabang Days

Today was another hectic day for me - I didn't even have time to think, really. Perhaps that is a good thing. Anyway, I spent most of the day in our Alabang office and it reminded me of the last time that I went there. EJ and I went to Kanin Club, which is supposed to be really really good. Here are some pictures of the good food and good company. We ordered laing, binukadkad na tilapia, and their famous crispy dinuguan (Jerry's name for it: blood soup). Needless to say, we didn't finish everything and I knew for sure that I would need some Fastin to help me out with all that fat in my system! The verdict - it wasn't spectacular, but I would not mind going back there again.

Marriage, A Massage, and Magic

The warmth of the sun. The cool breeze. The faintest smell of books. I was very much in my element earlier as I sat on the steps of the Main Library of my University. It was also the place where I spent the last 3 years of college. I felt like I was home. Maybe it's because I wasn't facing the issues I am facing now. Maybe it's because of the smell of books, they really comfort me. Maybe it was the trees, the calm environment. Whatever the reason, I was able to spend some time thinking about the major things that have been bothering me. I realized that I am not as "perfect" as I sometimes think I am. Take note that I put that word in between quotation marks. I do have a lot of faults; as a wife, as a sister, as a daughter. I can only trust in those who love and care for me to help me open my eyes to those faults. I realized that I need to learn to let go . Quite hard for me, but it is necessary for relationships to work. At the same time, I need

Reliving Poison

Despite really feeling sleepy, I just had to stay up to watch the feature on Bret Michaels (Poison) on the Bio Channel. It made yearn for the good old days. Here is one of my favorite songs from the group. Lately I can tell that something ain't right I don't see the fire when I look in your eyes One time up, and the next time down This may be the last time that you see me around, said Well it sure seems to me nothing matters tonight And all those things we worked out, they got lost in the fight Its not enough, girl, that I gave you my soul I just want to know if we've got anything left at all, and I say Hold on now, baby. This could be the last time we stand This could be the last time that we say good-bye The picture shatters I can't find the words to save it Tell me what to do, how can I make it right We will always be fire and ice Well promises made in the heat of the night You could sure spit them out, girl, but they've long passed me by Nobody knows ab

Birthday Month

Yep, that's August for me. The first two days are always reserved for my sister and my mom. Mid-August brings little brother's birthday. And scattered all throughout the month are countless birthdays of good friends and other close relatives. It is a very busy month for the birthday fairy (if there is such a thing). We celebrated the birthdays of my sister and mom last weekend. It was a simple lunch but we had a good time. Next up, Silas' birthday. I haven't gotten him a gift - first he wanted a skateboard, now it's a scooter. I am having a bit of a hard time finding one - the only toy store in the mall next door only carries skateboards - but at least he doesn't want something expensive like an XBox (not that I'd get him one; a PSP maybe but not an Xbox!). Anyway, pictures of the little boys... Dead tired after playing with Kuya Silas and Jeje (that's what he calls Jerry now) all afternoon.

Audacious Goals

I have never thought of myself as being ambitious. I think that in some people's eyes, this is a big flaw. I have simple dreams and wishes. I guess in a nutshell, I just want to be happy. Of course, if you go into the nitty gritty details, that would include: a job that I enjoy and pays well (and I have to say I have it right now - at least to a certain degree) a husband who loves and supports me (in more ways than one) being able to help my family being debt free Pretty short list, huh? Anyhow, I have been probing and poking around lately, looking at my options and seeing where I could go next, what I could do next. I really do not like writing specific details on here as practically anyone can read what I write, but let's just say that this is part of the whole "change" thing that I am working at. I might very well be on my way to a BIG change, with people who are " helping people achieve their most audacious life goals." I never thought about my g

Housewife Wannabe

I can't believe it! It has been a very busy morning for me as I have decided to make the most out of whatever time I have. For the past three weeks or so, we didn't do any grocery shopping. As a result, we had to eat out most of the time, and it really made us broke. So this weekend, I decided to go to the supermarket, stock up, and make sure that I cook every day. It's day 2 and I am doing great so far. Anyhow, as I was making pan-fried tilapia fish fillet for lunch and some concoction with pork, broccoli and baby corn for dinner, a thought hit me. I wish I could just do it every day! I mean, I want to be able to prepare our meals without rushing. I want to be able to do stuff at home without having to hurry to work. I still want to work, but just my writing and at home. In short, I want to be a (semi) housewife. How weird is that? P.S. I remember buying a nice apron a month ago but I can't find it now. I think J threw it away...