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SIMS 3 and the iPhone

A friend recently downloaded Sims 3 to his iPhone, and it is making me want this toy again. The Sims and I have a long history. I played the first version of this game way back when I was in school and was I addicted! I even got several PS2 versions but I never really got over the PC version.

Now there's Sims 3 and by all accounts, it is the best installment of the franchise. I know I cannot afford to get the iPhone any time soon but I can get the PC game. My problem is that I don't think our desktop can handle it. I know for sure that my netbook can't!

Is it true that you need a processor speed of at least 2 GHz? My desktop's only 1.6GHz and has only 1G of computer memory. I can get more memory but I don't think I can do much about the processor, unless I get a new PC.

Does anyone here play Sims 3? Will my desktop work?


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