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Shaky Monday

Monday has never been my favorite day of the week, and today is no different.... I may be just paranoid but I received news that may be the harbinger of worse things for me, financially. I just really hope that I will be able to maintain my sources of income, otherwise, I will be in dire straits.

I wish we had some sort of insurance for instances like these. After all, we have all sorts of insurance policies - health insurance, life insurance,motorhome insurance, etc. Why not "lack of income" insurance? Wishful thinking on my part?


  1. I know the feeling sweetie and I hope everything works out fine and it is just a scare. We went through the wringer in Jan/Feb because Hubby's work was suspended and it is scary but you just have to hang in there no matter what happens and tough it out.

    Do they not have unemployment insurance in the Philippines? We do here and it isn't the best thing but better than nothing when you can qualify for it.

  2. "Why not "lack of income" insurance"

    Really! That would be awesome!


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