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We've been planning to go jogging in UP for a couple of weeks now. I guess seeing the guys play football has made us girls want to work on being fit again. It's just hard to find the time (for me, at least). That's why I am also looking at alternatives wherein I can just stay at home and get some exercise. We have a gym on the ground floor but can you believe I am too lazy to even go there. I found this program called Kettlebell, and it looks promising. I am also thinking about the Wii Fit (although I don't know if it really works). Any other ideas?


  1. Im very lazy too. I have no suggestions for working out because typing blog comments are about 'The Only' exercise I get, and Im pretty sure you wont get "fit" doing that!

  2. My fingers and hands are in awesome shape because of typing, yeah. How's your dad?


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