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It's Inevitable

The other day, my sister told me that the younger brother of an old friend passed away. He was in a car accident. We don't know the details, but once again, the shortness of life struck me. Death is inevitable. I don't remember him much, and what I remember is a young boy who entertained us when we were vacationing in their house up in the mountains. I can't help but feel sad, and hope that they get through it; hope that they will be able to find justice and resolve the case.

Another death comes to mind. She was a young girl named Tara, who got shot on the eve of her birthday. She survived, was in a coma for the longest time. I didn't know her personally but we did attend a benefit concert for her months ago.

These things make me think. I am so worried about so many things - important things in my mind. Sometimes, though, I wonder just how important they are in light of the bigger picture?


  1. Yeah, instances like these put things into perspective.

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