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That First Step

They say that the first step is always the hardest. When you find yourself at a crossroad, sometimes you end up dilly dallying so much that you get stuck there for the longest time. Taking that first step towards a goal is NOT that easy.

I have had this goal for the longest time now. Every year since I left university, I have been planning on doing this thing. I would even go as far as to ALMOST take that first step, and then I'd end up backing out anyway. This year, I have plans of pursuing this goal - again.

Is it going to be any different?

Perhaps. I have taken the first (formal) step towards it. I still have to see whether that step will yield results, but I am feeling good. That first step was hard to take but hey, I just might find myself going down a road that I have never been on. :)

So what is this goal? I'd really rather not say right now. Let's just say it's not about travel (although Vegas vacations sound pretty good right now). Neither is it about losing weight (yeah I know, that is another of my perennial goals). Just cross your fingers for me, will ya?


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