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That seems to be my favorite word these days. I don't know if it's even a word. By the way, did you know that the Web 2.0 is the nth word to be formally added to the English language? Millionth? I don't remember...our boss sent a link earlier but I forgot the exact figure.


I am sitting here at home trying to figure things out. I should have gone with the girls. We wanted to do something spontaneous.

Like drive to Zambales.

Or Tagaytay.

Ren just wanted to go jump into Mik's newly chlorinated pool. I think they're gonna end up doing that - I hope she doesn't get Mesothelioma cancer or something like that.

Maybe I should have gone. Maybe I shouldn't have thought about the potential consequences. Maybe I should quit being rational and just throw caution to the wind.






  1. yes, a millionth. just as we have stopped using the darn word. pfft. hehe.

  2. Some days and events are definitely "pfft" days.

  3. He he, Kaye. Have we?

    D, yep. Pfft. :p


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