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Not So Lazy Sunday Afternoon

I didn't think that my weekend could get worse. Well actually, if I take on the glass half full perspective, it actually went pretty well. After wasting all of Friday and pretty much all of Saturday, I was still able to get something out of the weekend.

However, this afternoon, my world kinda came crashing down on me. Okay, maybe that is an exaggeration. But this is what happened: I was working on Koryu (my MSI Wind) when the a wide column (about 2 inches) of gray suddenly appeared out of nowhere. Thinking that the display software was just messing up, I restarted. Same thing.

To make the long story short, I tried everything I knew to fix her. I even resorted to using the F3 function - system recovery. I had to transfer all my relevant files to the other partition and reformat and reinstall everything. For a while, it worked - the middle part merely flickered. At least I was still able to see the screen.

Then we went to Metrowalk for a bit of DVD shopping (I also looked around for some clothes and a personalized tote bag but I couldn't find anything that I liked that was reasonably priced). Hoping to find my baby in a usable condition, I excitedly turned her on.

She still has that thing in the middle of the screen. She needs to see a doctor. Now I am using Jerry's Sparky. He's fine but the Sun modem has a hard time with the signal here...

I really hope that Koryu can be fixed tomorrow. :(


  1. Hey, you didn't waste all of Friday. :-) Hope Koryu will be ok soon. Btw, I finally my Dairy Queen fix today.

  2. Of course not - it was an exaggeration. My still full tummy attests to that!

  3. Im sorry to hear that. This sucks!!

  4. Yeah, Mel. My baby's at the "doc" with her daddy right now...I keep texting, lol.

  5. Sucks when our beloved tech toys start acting up. I know I am so attached to my computer that I go through withdrawal whenever I go more than a day without being on it. Aren't we bad, bad girls?

  6. D, tell me about it. I have to call tomorrow and see what's up with her.


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