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Lotsa Plans

My friend and I were talking earlier on IM. As usual, we got to talking about the future. We're both only in our early 30s - I just hit the big 3-0 this year - but it seems that we're both tired and feeling burned out. Is this normal?

I realized that I have so many options before me. I have so many plans. I can save up for a couple of months and take time off and finally review and take the board exam later this year. I can go back to school and study something interesting. Heck, I can even go to medical assistant training school! (That thought came from the nice effeminate guy who took my blood at the clinic this morning, by the way. He seemed so happy with what he was doing.)

I just can't decide which route to take. Or maybe, I am hesitant to take that bold first step and get out of my comfort zone. I really want to become a librarian, pay be damned. But can I afford to give up a well-paying job that I also love doing? Oh this what being 30 all about?


  1. Can you say, "quarter-life crisis"? :) Sounds like you escaped it for awhile, as it usually hits at 25.

    About the oils, Rye made yaya to go to Tagaytay in 2 weeks, so I'll get them then...unless you want to be the one to pay via GCash? :)

    One thing I'm learning is that the universe will provide everything you need once you're on your destined path. If that's being a librarian for you, then you will have what you need.

  2. Well, if I live up to 120 years old, then I am having a quarter-life crisis, heehee. Yeah, maybe I am a late bloomer.

    Can't wait for the oils!


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