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Home Staples

It's Saturday and it's Jerry's football day. SD, a friend of ours, recruited him for a football (American, not soccer) team and for a couple of weekends now, they have been going to QC every Saturday for practice. Jerry has this habit of eating a huge plate of pasta before practice. He says its for the carbs (this actually makes sense).

So anyway, there I was making tuna spaghetti when a thought occurred to me. There are certain things that I make sure I never run out of. And then I thought that it would be fun to make a list of the "staples," things that I make sure I always have at home.

  1. Butter - spread on bread, base for pasta sauce, substitute for oil; I always have a block of Anchor unsalted butter in the fridge.
  2. Potatoes - Jerry eats everything - and I mean EVERYTHING - with potatoes. Filipino dishes that normally do not have taties, when prepared in my kitchen, must have taties. Ever had tinola with potatoes? :p
  3. Water - this one's for me. I can forgo all other beverages, just don't take my water from me.
  1. Oil - olive oil and canola oil are staples for me. I love fried food (yeah it's not good I know) and it's the easiest to prepare. We also eat pasta a lot so we can't run out of olive oil.
  2. Coffee, non-dairy creamer, and sugar - nothing more needs to be said. Well, to be honest, sometimes I run out of coffee grinds, but this happens once in a blue moon when our "supplier" forgets to get us some.
  3. Herbs and spices - McCormick is my savior. I would love to have fresh herbs but they'd go bad before I can use them. So instead, I stock up on those bottled herbs and spices, courtesy of McCormick. Sage, thyme, Italian seasoning, Spanish paprika, cayenne pepper, curry powder, black pepper, rosemary - can't do without them!
  4. Soy sauce, fish sauce, and vinegar - every Filipino pantry always has a bottle or two in stock. You simply can't cook anything without them!
  5. Noodles - fettucini, spaghetti, bowtie, and shells - we always have a pack or two of uncooked noodles. Again, pasta is easy to prepare and filling as well.
  1. Toilet paper - did you know that they once made Chuck Norris toilet paper? Unfortunately it wouldn't take shit from anyone! Seriously, we would die if we didn't have TP at home. We always have rolls and rolls of TP. No ifs or buts.
  2. Bath soap, facial wash, shampoo, and all the other stuff - we all need these things.
Miscellaneous stuff
  1. Candles - have I told you that I am a candle freak? I can't get enough them - scented or not. I have a huge bundle of the plain white ones, in case the power goes out (never mind that the building has a generator and that we have a brand new flashlight). I have tea lights for the oil burner. I have scented candles galore - lavender, citronella, vanilla, orange....
  2. Essential oils - it's an extension of the candle thing. I love a good smelling house and it seems that I am never satisfied. So I have vials of all sorts of essential oils, and my stock just keeps on expanding.
  3. Trash - paper, facial tissue, dirty clothes, ash, dirt - I don't know why but it seems that a day after the cleaning lady leaves, trash is everywhere. Maybe it has something to do with the person I live with? :p
What can I find in YOUR home? Hmm, I should make this into a tag...Vicki, Livi, Delaney, Retired One, Holly, Hannah, Avril, and Meleah!


  1. Done! Took me a while to answer this but I finally did. =) You have a lot more must haves than Ruy and I do.


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