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Catch Up Friday

Friday is supposed to be the day when we go out and have fun. The first option is out of the question, but I guess I can say that I am having fun.

Jer got Koryu back today, so I am using her again. Ironically, the tech guys didn't find anything wrong with her. They simply upgraded her BIOS and said that they didn't see any of that stuff we were talking about. I know what I saw, and I can't explain what happened. Anyhow, she's working well, except for that little issue of color bleeding. Am grateful she's back.

That being said, I have tons of catching up to do with regard to my writing. I was able to write here and there on Sparky this week, but it was difficult without Koryu. Now that she's back, all is well again. :)


  1. Glad you got your baby back and working!

    I wanted to let you know that you missed winning the necklace by just one number! I saw that and felt so bad.

  2. Hey's not meant to be, huh?


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