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Adam Lambert's Cryin'

Aerosmith is one of my all-time favorite bands, and Cryin' is perhaps one of my favorite songs by them. Andy just sent me this song, as recorded by Adam Lambert in the studio. Now I have never been an Adam Lambert fan, although I can't deny how good of a singer and a performer he is. So this is the song (thanks YouTube):

I listened to it many times over. Each time, I couldn't make up my mind - do I like it or what? Again, I can't deny how well he sings. Truth be told, I had goosebumps several times while listening. But then again, I think that nothing beats the Aerosmith version. The passion and power behind Steven Tyler's vocals give the original version something else that Adam - in all his glory - just doesn't have yet. What do you think?


  1. It would be worth it to purchase his Studio version of Cryin' on iTunes. It's my favorite of all the songs he did during AI...just beautiful!

  2. I think I like Track of My Tears (is that right) moving!

  3. Hi dreamwalker, I'm still here. Just been really busy. I saw an American band last week in concert (Get the Led Out) play Led Zeppelin songs (one of my favorites!) and although they were great, it just isn't the same. It's hard to live up to such classic music. Hope you and your family are doing good! Diana

  4. Diana! Glad to hear from you again. We're doing great, thanks. Have a good week!


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