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Where Is Summer?

For those who have been saying that global warming is a myth, come over to the Philippines. It is early May, the middle of summer. Yet we are getting low pressure areas (the beginnings of a typhoon) and it has been raining like crazy!

I have always been one to complain about the heat and humidity but right about now, I could use a more summery kind of weather. Is the weather/climate ever going back to "normal" again?


  1. Probably not. We are just finally seeing an end to the almost 10 day stretch of rainy weather we have had here. We have bounced back and forth between colder weather and warmer days. It can't seem to make up it's mind.

  2. Our spring is always slow and bounces from cool to cold to somewhat warm. It seems much more 'changing' than ever!! Poor plants and poor birds!

  3. Tell me about it! We just had our second (or third) tropical storm, and this is not supposed to start till June or July.


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