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Sun Wireless Broadband

Time to be geeky. I finally got tired of having to reload Monnette's SmartBro Prepaid thingie all the time. I borrowed it off her, thinking that I would only have to wait a week or so for my Destiny cable internet, which is the ONLY ISP they allow in the building. Unfortunately, Destiny is having some "facilities problem" in our building and they are not hooking up new connections. And nope, they can't tell us when they will have the issues fixed. So why the heck are they locking the ENTIRE building to their sucky service?

Anyhow, SmartBro works alright every so often. The thing is, I end up spending so much money on loading it up. So I decided to look around and I found Sun's postpaid service, which is unlimited. Lucky for me, I discovered a neighbor who handles some agents for this service, and they got it hooked up within ONE day. Excellent service, I have to say.

My only problem now is that we live up high, literally. According to the agent, Sun's HSDPA signal works best up to the 10th or 12th floor. We're waaay above that. I still get the HSDPA signal most of the time but I do get pretty frustrated when I don't. I have only had it for two days and so far, I have experience 2 hours of no signal. I can still use the EDGE signal but it SUCKS.

So what are the speeds involved? I just tested my speed a few minutes ago and this is what I got:, isn't it?

The only thing is that Sun has a fair use policy, meaning you can't really download torrents. Well, you can, but you can only go up to 5 to 7kbps, which is not acceptable for torrents. Oh well, at least I have my Internet access until sucky Destiny gets its act together OR another ISP is allowed to service our building.

By the way, if you are interested in getting the Sun service, let me know and I'll pass the numbers along.


  1. Sir have you tried torrents for this ISP?

    From what I heard they say that torrents for sun sucks..

    Have you tried to use encryption to work around this limitation?

    please email me

  2. Um...well all I can say is Id rather have Internet access than the ability to download torrents. But, I dont trust illegal things anyway!

  3. For inquiries on how to avail of the SBW service, you can email me at and I will get in touch with you as soon as I can.

    Yes, I am selling SUN Broadband Wireless packages – FREE pick-up of application documents and delivery.

  4. Hi does anyone here know if sun supports pop3 mail?i have gmail account and planning to set it up in windows mail.i need the pop and smtp server names..thanks

  5. good day! is there any way to work around it? what i mean is how to download torrents via SBW since its really slow. is there any setting or programs for it?

  6. Hi Karla!

    As far as I know, if you use bit torrent and other similar clients, you can't get a higher speed. I don't know if you go around that limitation.

  7. do they have a signal in Cavite? im thinking of switching to sun from globe.

  8. Hi Cecille! I think their HSDPA is available in Metro Manila only. Best thing to do would be to visit their site or call them, though.

  9. pop3 is supported. torrents work- the speed is somehow slow during daytime. gets better after 00:00. i use a mac. you cant expect the max speed they say from mobile internet anyway...

    does someone know whats in their fair use policy? i cant find it online. is there a limitation of data volume?

    btw- torrents are a black zone between illegal and legal...

  10. Sun wireless broadband for me is doing well especially in our area in manila kindly check this readings
    Sun wireless broadband and Globe broadband tattoo , which is better?


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