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Empty Handed

I rarely go to the mall, but since I had some errands to run today, I decided to go along with Jerry's urge to go shopping. It was an epic failure.

I was able to talk to the people at Globe, BUT I can't get the wireless thing set up at home. That means I have to make do with Smart Bro prepaid OR get Sun. The Sun people are coming here next week to test it out.

We went looking for a PS3 - JJ (Jethro Junior) - but our deal was that we would only get it if we found one that was being sold on a deferred payment plan on my CC. We even went to several malls - nada.

We were supposed to go get shoes for Jerry; came home empty handed.

We might as well have gone looking for Ferrari parts in Quiapo. It seems that today was not a shopping day for us.

One good thing: we have had a very good weekend together; something that we have not had in a while. :)


  1. I'm glad you had a good weekend in spite of the shopping failure!

  2. me too! maybe shopping will be better next time ;)


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