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I feel like I am caught in a whirlwind. Moving in to a condo a stone's throw from your office the weekend before your boss comes over for a 2-week stay is both a good and bad idea. It is good because you can sleep in and still not be late for work. It is bad because you can stay out later than you normally do and just walk home. I am loving it but during the day, I find myself staring at the office furniture and yearning for my big comfy couch. I really want to post pictures but I cannot find the cable for the camera (the move and all).

I think that tonight I shall not go out. It was funny last night because Jerry got home at 10 and he teased me about role reversal. I guess we're both not used to me being the one out at night and him being at home. That's what being caught up in a whirlwind does to me? ;)


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