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Tsoko Nut Batirol

Guess what I did on Friday night? Contrary to what most people do on this night, I went home straight from the office. I was already tired and was looking forward to spending some time in the new place - I had fun!

Better yet, Vicki dropped by during her break and we went down to eat. She got something from Subway and I tried the place next door, Tsoko Nut Batirol. It's really a dessert place, featuring Filipino food. I tried their hot chocolate made of the local cocoa tablet and an ensaymada (very light pastry topped with cream and Edam cheese) - for PHP99! I don't normally like ensaymada but this was GOOOD. I guess I will be going there more often. :)

On another note, Vicki was telling me about how she had to buy lots of new closed toe shoes for her new job, and again, I found myself wanting to go shopping. I have no closed toe shoes and maybe I should go ahead and get a couple of pairs; maybe some Beautifeel shoes would be a good idea as well. Can't wait for next payday...

Image courtesy of Dessert Comes First


  1. I am always up for shopping but then I don't know too many women that aren't... heehee!

  2. D, for some reason, I found myself WANTING to shop today. Pity I am broke!

  3. I guess you're talking about Tsoko Nut in RCBC building? I used to love the place but nadismaya ako sa cashier na babaeng mataba na mukhang lesbian, nagagalit pag wala kang barya at kelangan kang suklian...

  4. It's actually the Eastwood branch that I was talking about. :)


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