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The Perfect Cure For Insomnia

No, it's not a pill.

And it's not alcohol even.

Food? Nope.

What could it be???

Try getting stuck in a tiny elevator with 6 other people.

Last night, our country manager took our team out to dinner. By the way, it was really good. We ate at Old Vine - I forget what their specialty is but I had some beef and salad with saffron rice. It was heavenly! Afterward, we got a couple of drinks, went to his condo, and listened to him and Monnette play the piano. Our teammate EJ sang as well. It was a very relaxing evening. And then it was time to go home.

You see, all throughout the night, Guillaume played really sad songs. There was this one song about a dead baby. Then he played a song about a dead mom. The pieces were moving.

In contrast, Monnette and EJ liked songs about love. In fact, Guillaume remarked that we Filipinos liked love songs too much. Naturally, we couldn't help but say something along the lines of "And you French like songs about dead people?" It was all in fun...

Going back to the elevator. We piled in, pressed G, and enjoyed the short ride from the 21st floor. THEN, Guillaume said something about "If you die in the elevator, I will have a new song to write." Laughter all around...AND THEN IT HAPPENED.

The elevator jerked and stopped abruptly. We thought we had reached the ground floor but the door would not open, and the buttons wouldn't respond! For the first few minutes, we were laughing it off. Then after a longer period of pressing the emergency button (a little bit frantically) and no one answering it, we were getting a bit [proper adjective here].

I started prying the door open, thinking that we were there at the lobby and the door was just stuck. With Guillaume's help, we got it opened, AND SAW A PLAIN CEMENT WALL. That really freaked us out!

I am sure various thoughts were racing in our minds. I was thinking I hope I don't faint. I hope I don't go wacko. I hope the elevator doesn't go crashing down and kill us all (Well a good thing is that if that happened, I wouldn't have to worry about debt consolidation, which I need to take a look at TODAY.) I was also thinking about my elevator dreams....

To make that long story of waiting short, we got out all sweaty and laughing hysterically. Oh, and another friend had to add to the drama by stating that she had to fart! And knowing her the way I do, I am sure that she would have let it out if we had stayed there longer. Imagine the look on Guillaume's cultured French face when [friend's name] announced her intention.

Anyhow, by the time I got home, I was pooped. The result: It's 12:13pm. I just got up.

Thank God it's Friday!


  1. Ok, that is not a DREAM,"Dreamwalker"...that is a nightmare!!
    Maybe next time, you all need to take the stairs!
    Glad you are safe!
    Let's see...what would be the song title? "I've fallen for you?" or
    "I'm Stuck on you?"....hmmm. the possiblities are endless.

  2. It was nightmarish, true. And lol about the songs...please, spare me another experience!


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