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No Wise Man's Fear in the Horizon

Last night, I ate some ice cream and had a cup of warm milk before going to bed. I found myself almost fainting sometime around 7pm, and I knew that I had to get some sleep - NO MATTER WHAT. Of course, feeling the need to sleep only made matters worse. I had to stare at the ceiling - which I could barely see since our room is totally dark at night - and roam around the house (it takes 1 minute to cover the entire floor area) for an hour or two before my mind wandered as I fell into dreamland. Anyhow, in those last moments before I fell asleep, I suddenly remembered that Patrick Rothfuss's second book in the Kingkiller's Chronicles was due to be released this April. At least that's what Amazon has been saying since last year.

When I checked my Facebook this morning, this is what I saw.
Now, put yourself in my shoes. What would you have thought? YES - I thought for sure that the second book, The Wise Man's Fear had been released and that Pat was enjoying his success.

Well, I have been wrong before and I was wrong earlier. I checked out Pat's blog and found these:

[had to remove the pics...just visit the link to Pat's blog above to see them for yourself]

After reading the first strip, I knew I was in for a disappointment. The strips were quite funny, though, and after reading his very long blog post, I have to say that he is a very good writer. He managed to turn my disappointment into something more compassionate!

Patrick Rothfuss is a human being with a life. Patrick Rothfuss is an obsessive writer. Patrick Rothfuss has a lot of work. Patrick Rothfuss is awesome. All these bits of info will factor in in creating book 2, which will be the best ever...

Crap...I think he had some subliminal thing going on in that blog post! In any case, I am (now) surprisingly not upset about not getting to read book 2 NOW.


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