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Loving Our New Condo

It's been a crazy weekend for us, and the week is passing my by so quickly. We were able to move on Saturday and we have pretty much settled in, but there is a ton of other stuff to do: apply for Internet, cable, telephone, etc.

Work is also crazy as well, but everything is just so great - I have not felt this positive in a long time, and I am loving it! I don't know, but maybe it's waking up to natural sunshine, with lots of bright light coming in, and fresh air too. Maybe it's the fact that we don't have this subconscious thought that we might get some disease like mesothelioma due to the poor ventilation and construction of our apartment. I know that's exaggerating things, but hey, the ambiance does make a lot of difference.

I gotta run now, but I will write a more detailed post as soon as I get the chance. Pics to follow as well.


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